What are Kuvert containers used for?

  • Kuvert containers are a discreet way to take one or two rolled cannabis products out with you for the day or evening. Kuvert containers are sophisticated and professional, and are designed to complement your unique style.

Where can I get a Kuvert container?

  • Kuvert containers are available for purchase from our shop on this website. More physical and online retailers will be added soon.

Are Kuvert containers airtight?

  • Although the press-fit seal is very good, the Kuvert is not fully airtight.

Are Kuvert containers waterproof?

  • The solid wood Kuvert containers are not waterproof, but we consider them splash resistant. It is not recommended to immerse the container in water.

How do you pronounce Kuvert?  What does the name Kuvert mean?

  • We pronounce it coo-vert. It comes from the french word couvert, which means cover.

I lost the lid to my Kuvert container, can I get a replacement?

  • Each Kuvert container is handcrafted and paired with its own unique lid. Because they are one-of-a-kind, we cannot produce replacement lids.

I got my Kuvert container wet, and I can’t get the lid off/on. What can I do?

  • Because out Kuvert containers are made from real solid hardwoods, they can swell slightly when exposed to water or extreme damp conditions. Placing your Kuvert container in a dry place for a period of 24 to 48 hours should fix this problem.

How long will my contents stay fresh inside the Kuvert container?

  • The Kuvert containers are intended as temporary containers to take with you on your daily activities. If you plan on storing your contents for longer than 24 hours without consuming them, we recommend a more airtight storage container.

How are Kuvert containers made?

  • Each Kuvert container is handmade in Ontario, Canada by skilled craftsmen. Our small-batch approach ensures a high level of care is put into each piece.

What materials and finishes are used in your containers?

  • We use locally sourced Canadian hardwoods such as walnut, maple and oak. Our containers are hand-finished with 100% pure walnut oil, which will not influence the flavours or scents of the contents in any way.

How much is shipping?

  • We offer FREE shipping across Canada and United States (some exceptions may apply). Other shipping rates and details can be found during the checkout process in our shop.

Do you offer engraving or personalization?

  • Custom engraving or personalization may be available on some of our products. Check the product description in the shop to view available options, or contact us to learn more.

Where can I buy recreational cannabis products legally?

  • Cannabis is legal for recreational use in Canada as well as some U.S. states and other places worldwide. For more information on Canadian cannabis laws, click here.